Sea Turtle App

Thanks to funding from the Oceanic Society and PacSafe Smart Travel Gear, we have created a FuN CitizeN ScienCe monitoring program with sea turtles!  Whereever you are, you can report your sea turtle sightings to us.  Along with any fishing activity reports we get from you or others, we can identify areas where we should be concentrating our conservation work more diligently and work with fishermen to reduce bycatch at vital foraging grounds in Baja, Mexico.  We are also making an interactive map that will be used by the Mexican government to develop more effective recovery strategies inside and between existing Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of California.    

1. Create a FREE, SAFE account iNaturalist.org

2. Join the project, "Sea Turtle Spotter"

2. Add observations offline via iNaturalist or Naturalista app

3.  SYNC your observations online

By working directly with fishermen to find new alternative economic opportunities, we can build trust to gather more information, change the attitude about sea turtles for consumption into sea turtles into tourism, and reduce overfishing.  

Sea turtles are not alone out there, so while they are the focal fauna, let us know when you see the jumping mobula rays, manta rays, sharks, including the whale sharks, whales, and anything else you  can identify.  Also, we want to know where any type of fishing activity occurs, so don't be shy, tell what you see out there!  

While traveling or residing in the southern Baja California Peninsula, make sure you make it out to patrol for nesting sea turtles, release baby hatchlings, and join us on a research tagging trip - find out more from our workshops.


Marine Ecology University Internships

5 week summer internship ~ $2800 U.S. 

June 27, 2017 -  August 1, 2017

Mexican homestay with family or university students

Guided independent study in marine ecology

Check out  the Internship page  to learn more

or email us: Stephanie@profaunabaja.org


Proyecto ProFaunaBaja is a society for scientists, students, and naturalists who share a specific goal to conserve biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystems in  Baja California Sur, Mexico.